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Do you invest more in your business then you should also invest your time in building presentation. Presentations are a way to compel your audience towards your business. To make that happen, you need a powerful presentation – built after knowing all in and out of your product or service. If you fail to exhibit your kind of business to others, your customers may not likely to buy it. Here are the quick 10 tips that will help you in attracting your customers.

Take in-charge of your audience
Take your audience under your control and connect with them honestly. Be strong in your point and make them understand how important your business is to your clients. Let the thirst for your business spread throughout your presentation. Turn your nervousness into energy and make your audience comfortable.

Find what your audience’s want
You should walk in your client shoes to understand what they want. Find their needs, what they want from you and how can you exhibit it in your presentation. Never ignore your audience response, try to prove your point and engage them with your subject. Use simple language to make them understand and respond.

Title and description
Presentation title and description are read by your visitors and also seen by search engines. It also helps in improving the search rankings. Tell your audience what you have covered in your presentation and make it search engine friendly.

Focus on your core message
Frame simple yet effective message to deliver it to your audience as a summary. Make your message short, memorable and most importantly convey it clearly by saying at the end of your presentation or print it at back of your business card. Don’t say anything that doesn’t contribute your business.

Have eye contact
Make eye contact and engage with them in every way. Ensure you build trust among your audience. Again, you need to take charge of your customer with your smile, with your knowledge, and with your communication.

Focus on your beginning
First preference is always the best preference. Do not miss your first chance by introducing yourself; change the way of your introduction or your business introduction different by engaging and attracting them at first.

The More about “HOW” not “WHAT
Your listeners already know what you’re business is about. They wanted to hear how you do it and make their needs successful. To answer their expectations, you need to brainstorm and research to come up with one right answer that makes your audience satisfied. Be truthful to your audience and prove them your powerful business strategy that is going to benefit them in future.

Quick rules about slideshow (
• No more than ten slides • Keep your presentation short – less than 20 minutes. • Do not put too much information on one slide. • Readable font size with no less than 30 points

No spreadsheet data:
Your audience is interested in listening to your presentation and they are not to read your financial numbers anymore. Do not introduce calculations and financial statements in your presentation and expect your audience to follow your numbers. Instead of including numbers create graphical representations and statistics to display your financial achievements. And the last important point is no negative information. Do not include or communicate your business failures or negative points to your audience. If audience arises questions regarding your business pitfalls, explain to them how soon you overcome the situation and drive business success. Remember your audiences are just other human beings who are interested in making business with you, try to persuade them more and make the moment favourable for you.

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