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Go again with SEO if you failed before

Don’t you realize the results of SEO campaigns? There are 8 reasons why a business fails at SEO and how to fix it. 

  1. You may expect results too soon: SEO is a long term process where some business expects results immediately. Many digital marketing firms tell you that you can see the visible SEO results after 4 to 6 months. The results will grow over time when you consistently run the SEO campaign. 
  2. You are not using social media: Social media enhances your website visibility, traffic, and customer engagement and also has an impact on your search rankings. Social media should be a part of your SEO strategy. 
  3. You don’t have internal linking: Internal links help to crawl your website more effectively; it also helps in finding more relevant and useful content. It is important to have internal links to help your visitors to go through your website and blogs. Use anchor text that helps in both SEO and user perspective. 
  4. You are targeting highly competitive keywords: Choose keywords that aren’t very competitive. Look for keywords that are more relevant to business products or services and thus help in business conversions. 
  5. Your website may have broken links: If a user lands on the 404 page, they are more likely to leave your website. Use an online tool like SEO spider to identify the broken links and fix them immediately. 
  6. Your website is very slow: Page Loading speed is also a ranking factor. Use the page speed checking tool like Google PageSpeed Insights tool to check the speed of your website and find ways to improve it. 
  7. You may not have Google Analytics: Analytics will give you an idea to frame or reframe the SEO strategies. This step is very crucial to improve traffic and rankings. You can check the keywords, traffic sources, or content that are driving the most traffic to your website using Analytics. This helps to replicate the results in future SEO campaigns.  
  8. Your content is too short: The content that is ranked higher is approximately around 1100 to 1300 words count. Always focus on the long and comprehensive content but also keep in mind about the content quality which helps to rank you well in Google. 

Other factors that you should consider are backlinks, long-tail keywords, outbound links, guest blogging, customized site links, off-page optimization, title and meta description, and XML sitemaps. All these factors are to be considered when your current SEO campaign has failed.

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