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Everyone in the world needs sales. People like quick businesses and instant revenues. Nowadays people’s mindset is like, if we are investing $100 today, we then at least get $120 the next day. Trading mindset.

SEO will not work in this way. But paid ads do this magic.

That’s why we are recommending businesses which are expecting NEXT DAY SALES should run a paid campaign. Of course social media plays a vital role in making day to day revenues. Not all businesses suit social media. But many are ‘YES’. We should make a test play with social media. That too only with the booming platforms “Whatsapp”, “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “Twitter – May be”…etc. all depends on what type of audience we are targeting and the location.

Google and Bing ads are our next options. Specifically Google ads. If you’re a service based business. For ex: If you’re a plumber serving in Orange County, USA. Then Google adwords is your best option in driving sales. We can make your phones ring once the campaign is set up (That only takes half an hour – A small research will be done before that). So we can pick the right audience that expects a plumber to their home/office).

Another alternate method is Influencer marketing, Suits for e-Commerce or retail industry. For example if you’re selling “Yoga Dresses and their accessories”. We need to find popular fitness people who are very active on social media. Give them free dresses, or pay them to list your products in their portals (instagram). With this you will get 4-5% of their followers’ attention in a quick time.

How YouTube helps for quick sales. If we are running travel or food related websites. We should try contacting the Vloggers (Who have a good number of subscribers). Just make them say some words for you. 

There are tons of ways where you can make sales/leads. Success factors rely on How, When and Where you’re advertising. Generating ROI is easy nowadays, because we can reach every door through online. That too in pandemic, All doors are open only for deliveries. Use it wisely.