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Content Marketing & Content Linking is the key to success

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Content marketing involves strategies, techniques, and methods used to meet customer goals through relevant content. The content must engage the audience, build trust, and retain customers in the best way possible. 

Content marketing includes a broad range of tactics, they are:

  • It is important to segment the targeted audience and understand customer pain points before creating the content. 
  • Every piece of content should meet the needs of the targeted audience in alignment with marketing goals.
  • The content created should be made available for the audience in all possible ways of marketing, PR, advertising, sales, etc. 

Content marketing existed long before since many marketers use it for all their marketing channels. It creates a value when the goals or interests of the audience meet the proposition of the content.

The content revolves around user experience, brand experience, and being more emotional than being informative in nature. 

Different kinds of media where content play a major role: 

An integrated content marketing strategy is a mix of channels and media. The five kinds of media popular among the content marketers are:

Owned media: It includes your owned blog and website 

Earned media: This media is where others talk about your company, product or services 

Shared media includes social media, online forum and community 

Paid media: You need to pay to get your content posted  

Some of the key areas that content marketers focus are:

  1. Brand awareness 
  2. Upselling and down selling 
  3. Customer engagement 
  4. Lead generation 
  5. Customer experience enhancement 
  6. Business sales 
  7. Enabling partners
  8. Customer retention 

Content Marketing Strategy 

The real content marketing strategy  includes the following steps:

  • Audit
    • In the audit phase, you need to identify the target markets
    • Understand the buyer’s persona
    • Know your influencers 
    • Plan for your marketing collaterals 
    • Analyze SEO metrics and website analytics
    • Identify your content marketing goals 
  • Create
    • Create an editorial calendar and content map 
  • Produce
    • Produce marketing-oriented content such as articles, infographics, whitepaper, email, datasheets, collaterals, and reports.
  • Distribute 
    • Distribute the content in online marketing channels such as blogs, forums, webinars, and websites. 
    • You can also distribute the content offline in meetings, conferences, publications, networking, events, and viral. 

4 success content linking techniques 

  1. Build citations in your content to avoid plagiarism, enhance content reliability, and to make your customers understand that you have done proper research from valuable sources. 
  2. Participate in forum discussions and guest blogging to mention your website or brand name
  3. Link relevant blogs, articles, and web pages by adding a no-follow attribute 
  4. Use internal linking techniques to increase the time that visitors spend on your website and reduce the bounce rate. 

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