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Best strategy to rank a website

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How do I rank my website first?

1. We follow 60-40 rule – 60% of off site optimization and 40% of onsite

What is 60% – Backlink building on high authority websites

Diversified link building campaign

                IN DETAIL: Technically

  • Content marketing – Promotion of blogs
    • Converting the blog into the presentation, share it in the PPT sharing portals
    • Content Curation platforms
    • Release a pulse in the LinkedIn related to the blog
    • Creating a slide video and make use of video-sharing portals
    • Social sharing
    • Blog posting – Creating a blog and posting it on web 2.0 websites such as (WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Wix, Webs, Weebly…etc) – All the posts should have the call to action to our website.
  • Social profiles
  • Slideshare presentation (One of the top ppt sharing website owned by LinkedIn) and PPT sharing such as Authorstream, Zoho, slide serve, power show, Prezi, and many others.
  • Google entity stacking – Advanced link building technique, benefits for local businesses.
  • Content sharing platforms like scoop, mix, folkd, Diigo, PearlTrees, Plurk, Myspace,, Dashburst…etc
  • Slide video and video sharing
  • Web 2.0’s blog posting
  • PDF & Document sharing
  • LinkedIn Pulse and its promotion
  • Press releases and other campaigns
  • Profile creations
  • Quora Marketing
  • Forum discussions
  • Article submissions
  • Social bookmarking
  • High DA Tumblr networks

40% – Onsite – Converting the website into a search engine friendly website

Search engine webmaster guidelines are built for users to get what they really want.

When optimizing we keep the Google 200 signals in mind.

Main Considerations:

  • Website speed
  • Title tag optimization
  • Keyword frequency checks
  • Using of long-tail keywords as alternative tags
  • Duplicate contents
  • Image optimization
  • Header tags
  • Mobile test
  • Footer optimization
  • Above the Fold content
  • We just direct the web spiders to find more relative information about our nice market- Perfect internal linking structure.

Silo structure we follow – Circle Silo technique

Circle Silo Structure

Keyword research:

  • Finding the best long-tail marketing keywords are the key to success
  • Inserting the right keywords in the website and blogs
  • Checking of keyword frequency, proximity
  • Do a perfect internal link building mechanism
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2. We closely watch Google SEO algorithms

Even though SEO is a gradual process, we built the SEO system more secure which will not trigger any Google SEO algorithms. Our SEO process in a safer way. Because we mostly work with content & content marketing techniques which are always the king and queen of search engine optimization.

Main updates:

Penguin  – Which is related to backlinks – The algorithm triggers when we have poor quality backlinks

Panda – Triggers when we have thin content in the webpage

Google releases official and unofficial updates – Our plan and strategy will be good enough to handle the current update and future ones.

Success is a simple theory – Whatever we do in SEO – We need to do that for users (Always keeping our customers in mind). and the backlinks should be built as it has generated in a natural way.


3. Competitor link building – To beat the competition

  • Taking 10 of our best online competitors
  • Scraping their backlinks
    • How we scrape one’s backlinks – We use tools like Ahrefs, backlink watch, SEOSpyglass, Moz, SEMRush to harvest the competitor backlinks
  • Filtering the good authority domains (A website comes from high domain authority 40+ DA, less outbound links are good websites)
  • Trying to acquire links in them or links like them- We analyze each and every website – Check how they built backlinks in them Whether its paid marketing or a free organic ones, then trying to add our website on those websites.
  • Which beats our competition and to stabilize the results – Our competitors are already in a good position, so following them and we have our own strategies (listed from the top section), implementing both will make the high chances of beating them.

4. Citation Building – To receive organic traffic and Branding

Branding increases our Citation flow values which helps to rank our map positions organically

How do we rank a map: Increasing of CF value

Check the citation flow values here

  • Map Optimization
  • Local citation listing
    • Finding city-based business listing – Adding our business- Verify it
    • County-based business listing
    • Then country-based business listing websites
  • Map embeds wherever places possible
  • Getting reviews – Sponsored reviews helps to get quicker results – We can make our team to leave reviews – which looks natural
  • Achieve the results

5. Niche relevant posting

For example: if our target is INSURANCE

We will find the sites that speak about insurance relevant topics, try to link our business in them

Quora marketing, Forum threads – Find relevant posts, discussions – Contributing in them to get links

For example:

We answer these questions with a call-to-action to our website

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6. Indexing Campaign

Building backlinks alone doesn’t help, we make sure that they are getting indexed by the search engines. So we will get the actual benefit of building backlinks

IN DETAIL: PA or DA can be increased by building backlinks.

Major search engines love; when we receive a backlink from high DA (Domain authority) or PA (Page Authority) source.

We usually focus on getting backlinks from 40+ DA sources. But when we built a link in those – the page authority value will be ZERO. Our indexing process includes the increase of PA value by building backlinks to the Tier 1 links (Pointing to our business website).

We follow a tiered link building strategy for our indexing campaigns

Indexing Campaign - Tiered Mechanism

7. Geographical SEO

We focus on building links from location-based websites, which improves our keyword rankings and SEO performance.

For example – If our target country is the USA or any particular county, we focus on getting backlinks from the USA based websites.

USA Business Listings: Example

Google Map Citations To Improve Local SEO

8. Other ways of link building – Other link building campaigns if we are struggling to beat the competition

Influencer marketing (Finding an influencer in our industry – make them share our content either by paid/free), Outreach marketing strategy, relevant niche guest posting (Finding the niche relevant bloggers – Make them to add our content or website), and make use of advanced link building mechanisms.

Google Entity Stacking: One of our advanced link building

Google Entity Stacking
Google Authority Stacking and Google Entity Stacks for SEO

9. Whole site optimization

Considering each and every page of our website as our targeted page. Many companies implement onsite and offsite SEO’s. But we focus on optimizing the whole website to stay strong enough in the top searches.

  • Optimizing each page
  • Build backlinks to each page

10. Re-engineering

Doing the whole thing again (From 1 to 9). Google hates when we receive 100+ backlinks or tons of referrals from a single source.

It likes; If it receives from high moderated or high authority websites such as Youtube, Slideshare, LinkedIn pulses, or location-based press release websites or even industry-relevant forum websites. We here strive backlinks from good authority sources.

11. Drive traffic to a business which don’t own a website


  • Google map positioning
  • Citation building – which drives local traffic
  • Create landing pages/websites in & Google my business page; which acts like a website/landing page – These sites are rankable too (But not in top 10).
  • Quora marketing
  • Relevant niche Guest posting – We need to find niche relevant websites
  • Press Releases
  • YouTube Video promotions
  • Slideshare and its marketing
  • LinkedIn pulses and its marketing
  • Niche relevant web directories and more
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