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Best link building packages – You want DIY?

Link building is the process of getting other websites to add a link that points to your website. There are many tactics involved in obtaining links. Backlinks are hypertext links present on one website that point to another website. For example, news articles will be linked to many relevant third party websites. Two different metrics used to measure your links are backlinks and unique referring domains.

Some of the link building services available are:

  • Google entity stacking 
  • Social data hub — Creating backlinks on social media
  • Monthly SEO backlink building 
  • 14 days SEO backlink building 
  • 20 unique blog posts
  • Advanced Google stacking for local business 
  • 120 unique backlinks creation & more custom packages 

Each package is sold at standard rates that are affordable for small businesses. These packages are also suitable for large businesses with in-house marketing teams who are looking to outsource their link building tasks. 

Cost of Link building packages 

The cost of link building will vary from one project to another. Some local and small scale businesses will opt for this service for just a couple of months to establish their online presence. KevinMax link building services will support both short term and long term link building projects and help to accomplish customer goals.

How long link building takes to deliver results?

Google considers the links as a vote of confidence. The more votes add more credibility to your website. Three main elements that determine the effectiveness of link building campaign are:

  1. How your links meet business competitors 
  2. How long it takes to obtain to acquire links to close cap within your budget 
  3. How long it takes to reward your new links by Google

According to a study, it takes 10 weeks of the average time for a link to take effect. There are also proven studies that some link building results will happen sooner. Link building is a long term process where you should expect a campaign to last more than 6 months to obtain meaningful results. 

Link building has many tactics that help companies to excel. Some of the tactics followed by popular firms are:

  • Citation building 
  • PR or Press Release 
  • Podcast
  • Videos
  • Blog posting 
  • Link exchanges 
  • Guest posting
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