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Backlink Analysis With SERanking Tools

Backlink Analysis With SERanking

When you first open the Backlink Checker tool, in the search box, enter the URL of the website or page for which you want backlink data.

Then, select the kind of investigation you need to perform:

  • Domain with subdomains: The system will load every backlink to the analyzed website’s or its subdomains’ pages.
  • Specific URL: Only those backlinks that point to the specified webpage will be loaded by the system.
  • Domain without subdomains: The system will load every backlink, with the exception of its subdomains, that points to any page on the analyzed website.
  • Click the Search button after selecting the analysis type.

A general overview of all found backlinks 

You will receive a comprehensive report in a matter of minutes that includes every found backlink, referring domain, and linked page. You can get a complete picture of the analyzed website’s backlink profile and evaluate the quality of each backlink with this data.

By analyzing the following metrics, you can quickly see the overall backlink situation under the Overview tab:

  • Metrics known as “Domain Trust” and “Page Trust” that indicate how well a website or page will rank in search engines.
  • The proportion of domains linking to the homepage and other pages of the site, in addition to the total number of referring domains.
  • The proportion of backlinks that link to the homepage and other site pages, as well as the total number of backlinks.
  • Distribution of links that do and do not follow.
  • The complete number of special anchors.
  • The total number of IP addresses and subnets that are unique.
  • The total number of domains that refer
  • SE Ranking developed a metric called Domain Trust (DT) to predict a website’s SERP rank. Data on referring domains and the total number of backlinks that are used to calculate this parameter.

Page Trust (PT) is one more measurement created by SE Positioning that predicts how well a specific site page will rank on SERPs. On a scale from 0 to 100, page trust is rated. The higher a page’s score is, the more likely it is that it will appear on Google or another search engine’s first page.

The majority of metrics can be clicked on. The Alluding spaces, Backlinks, Anchors, IP-addresses and Subnets tabs are featured when drifted upon and by clicking one of the tabs you will be diverted to the comparing part of the apparatus and will actually want to break down the measurements in more detail.

Below are the output graphs that you get on analyzing backlinks:

1) The Absolute alluding areas chart shows the complete number of alluding spaces that connect out to the broken down area/URL and their elements for the set time frame (week, month, 90 days, a half year, a year).

2) The total number of backlinks that link to the analyzed domain/URL as well as their dynamics over the specified time frame (week, month, three months, six months, and twelve months) are displayed on the Total backlinks graph.

3) The graph of new and lost referring domains depicts the acquired and lost domains for the analyzed domain or URL over the specified time frame. For analysis, you can choose any time period from the last week to the last year. Contingent upon the period of time you select each diagram bar will show information for a specific day or for several days gathered together.

4) The New and lost backlinks diagram shows the historical backdrop of gained and lost backlinks for the broke down space/URL during a set timeframe. You can establish a point in time length for examination going from past week to past year. Contingent upon the period of time you pick, each chart bar will show information for a specific day or for several days gathered together.

5) The most frequently used anchor texts for domains that refer to the analyzed domain/URL are shown in the Top referring domain anchors table.

6) The Top backlink secures table shows the most well-known anchor texts that are utilized in the backlinks that connection out to the examined space/URL.

7) The countries and domain zones from which the analyzed website received backlinks are displayed on the Backlink profile distribution map.

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